Easy-to-understand explanation of how to access Hattachi Beach and Hattachi Yakushi by train and local buses.

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This article explains how to access Hattachi/Bentenjima, one of the sightseeing spots in the northern part of Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, by train or local bus.

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Access by train or local bus

*Hattachi Beach, Benten Island

Hattachi Beach is located between JR Yotsukura Station and JR Hisanohama Station, about 3 km from the railroad station.As for local buses, the area is not served on Sundays and national holidays. Therefore, from Monday to Saturday, local buses are used, and on Sundays and national holidays, only railroads are used.

How to get there by train

*Hattachi Beach (Iwaki City)

The nearest station is JR Kunohama Station.
Cabs are available in front of the station, so you may consider taking a cab. However, the distance from the station to the destination is only about 3 km, so it should take no time at all to get there if you walk while enjoying the view of Hattachi Beach.
Google search shows that it takes 35 minutes to get there, but in reality it takes only 30 minutes to get there. (For the elderly and slow-moving people, it takes about 35 to 40 minutes.)


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