How to get to the Iwaki city Art Museum from Iwaki Station

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This article explains how to get from Iwaki Station to the Iwaki City Museum of Art.


How to get from Iwaki Station to Iwaki City Museum of Art

There are three ways to get there: on foot, by bus, or by cab.The distance between Iwaki Station and the museum is about 0.6miles.Therefore, it can be reached in about 10 minutes by foot. Basically, we recommend that you walk.

The closest bus stop to the Municipal Museum of Art is “Chuo Koen-mae”.
The closest bus stop to the museum is “Chuo Koen-mae,” which is in front of the Iwaki Art and Culture Exchange Center “Alios.

However…the number of buses is extremely limited.Therefore, it is better to take the bus bound for “Tairanakamachi” (for Uchigo Station) or “NHK-mae” (for Onahama and Iwaki New Town). The fare from Iwaki Station is 100 yen.

I think it’s better to use the “Tiranakamachi” bus, as there are more buses in the direction of Uchigo Station.

Architectural charm of Iwaki City Art Museum (modern architecture)

The Iwaki City Art Museum was designed by Takeo Sato Design Office (now Sato Sogo Keikaku), and is a building that shows a strong sense of modernist architecture, inheriting the will of the famous Takeo Sato (1899-1972).

The building is filled with the architectural charm of Takeo Sato, a graduate of Waseda University. He had already passed away at the time of construction, but his ideas still remain strong in the building.
The building is compact, but has a lot of charm.
There is the Iwaki City Cultural Center nearby, but this building was built about 10 years before the museum, and although it has modern architectural qualities, the difference in level between it and the museum is overwhelming.

Structure: Reinforced concrete, steel-framed reinforced concrete
Site area: 3,346m2
Building area: 1,932m2
Total floor space: 4,380m2
Number of floors: 1 basement floor, 3 above ground floors

The building was constructed in 1983 and has a history of about 40 years.

However, what you can feel is not deterioration or oldness, but a deep sense of taste. The combination of the massive reinforced concrete and the glass gives you a very strong sense of modernism based on functional and rational modeling principles.

It is a building that clearly shows that it was built as a symbol of the unified architecture of Iwaki City after the municipal merger.

To the south of the City Art Museum is a cultural facility (Iwaki Alios), which is also architecturally attractive (also introduced in New Architecture), making it the perfect spot to see both modern and contemporary architecture.

There is also a restaurant in the Iwaki City Museum of Art, where you can take a break (there is also a restaurant in the Alios on the south side of the museum, which is also recommended).

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